Today at church I was officially introduced and commissioned as a Catechist at St. Clement’s. It sounds so formal. Even a bit of the process was pretty formal. The sermon built up to the point of introducing the concept of replanting this whole area with new churches!! Our hope is that I will be one of many who are introduced and installed as Catechists that are willing to step out and begin planting!!

We have a great local body of support! Many folks that offered to be a part of the work, many who offered their bodies because they don’t speak Spanish! You know what!!! We’ll take you too!! God doesn’t seem to be bound by language; Why should we??
Many dear saints that have been around for decades, have joyfully welcomed us to the body!! These dear folks were born, married, seen children and grandchildren married here!!! WOW!! That’s about all I can even think to say!! I am amazed at the strong faith and dedication a people can have to one congregation through the times…no matter what. Some have said, “I can’t do much more than pray!” Well, you know what? “Without your prayers neither can we!!”

Would you join us as well??


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