Say that five times fast.  We had some of the Mangoneadas that Pati has been selling.  Esme found 20 Pesos and treated everyone!  They are pretty tasty.

Mangoneadas are like a local, cheap ice pop.  She buys some mangos, liquifies them with purified water, adds a little bit of sugar and then freezes them in little cups with sticks.  When kids buys them she puts Chamoy, chili powder, and lime in the cup and then puts the icepop back in.  Essentially, Chamoy is a hot, tart, sweet sauce. I probably would have been good with just lime.  They were still pretty good though!  Pati sells these for 3 pesos.  That’s about 25cents U.S.

Chuy just got a job working at a recycling plant.  Life seems to be picking up for them.  Chuy starts work at 8.  Janet starts school at 8.  Janet goes to school down by his job.  They take the bus together.  Pati pays the bus fare from her ice pops.  It’s good.  Just the fact that Chuy can take his daughter to school is quite significant!  This is not a place to send your 14 year old daughter to school alone on a public bus.  Women chronically disappear here in Juarez.  Many times young ladies that are waiting for buses.

We thank God for this timely provision!


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