Mr. Renteria

pb090002 Mr. Renteria can now sit and hold himself up in a wheelchiar!  He so sck and tired of laying on the bed in his room, that he will spend the entire day sitting outside!

He’s been enjoying the sun and the chilly weather.  He often will sit and try to move his arms and legs.  i encourage him to move as much as possible, he needs to strengthen his muscles.

Yesterday he asked me to get him a couple of pullys and rope so he can use them to work his arms out a bit more.

To this day i don’t believe Mr. Renteria even understands what happened to him.  When we talk about this sickness, he realy doesn’t know much about it.  He’s been relying on anything that other people tell him.  some peoplehave suggested he drink a glass of olive oil with crushed garlic cloves in it.  i don’t know how medicinal that drink is, but it would sure get me moving!!!

maybe we can just get him the pullys and he can stop taking the home remedies!


One response to “Mr. Renteria

  • Patty Lors

    Mr. Renteria,
    I just want you to know that you are prayed for often.
    Whenever I think of the work there, the Lord brings you to mind.
    May our Lord bless and encourage you today.
    Patty Lors

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