Why Cd. Juarez?!?!

Saludos a todos!!

Through the eyes of the world, Cd. Juarez is a land of inopportunity. It is a hopeless desert painted with sands of corruption, prostitution, drug abuse, and death.
Many Mexican families come to Cd. Juarez with hopes of a better life. Promises of job opportunities are devastated by a work force saturated with uneducated and ill prepared men and women scrounging for temporary and miniscule employment. Minimum wage is $5.00 per day and a meal at the local Burger King will still cost around $4.00
It has been said that 8 out of ten families are run by at least one alcoholic parent. More than 50% of the population is under 18 years old. Catholicism is the majority religion, but humanism is the philosophical Band-Aid of choice.
In a land where one is bitten by the hand that feeds, corruption rules, and deception is considered normal behavior, the only hope is Christ.
We, Mark & Perla Livengood and Ken & Esmeralda Hanna, have felt the Lord tugging at our hearts to minister to the Mexican people sharing the Gospel in different facets of everyday life. We are in the process of starting a ministry called Onnemi International Ministries.
We want to share our plans, hopes, and dreams with you. Our prayer is that God would show you how you too can help share Christ with the people of Cd. Juarez.


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